Washington State SummerCon 2019 has come and gone… what an experience!

The biggest news out of the weekend: this was my most profitable and productive con or festival ever! I SOLD OUT of all the copies of VAMPOCALYPSE I brought with me. I was also surprised at the number of copies of STARPHOENIX that moved. I cannot thank the con goers enough for all their support!

Selling books at events like this is such a surreal experience. I am always so humbled whenever anyone not only buys a book but also asks me to sign it. The look of excitement on some people’s faces when I gladly sign their book is invaluable. And a new experience for me this past weekend: con-goers asking to take their picture with me after buying a book! The best was a US Army National Guardsman who wanted a picture with me after we spoke briefly about 9/11 and conspiracy theories. He shared a little bit about being in Iraq in 2004 and we built a real mutual respect for each other in those moments. I absolutely loved all the love from everyone. I suffered from permagrin all weekend from interacting with people. Absolutely the most awesome and best experience!

Other highlights! I met and spoke for a few minutes with Billy Dee Williams (he told me ALL the secrets from Episode IX – be jealous! LOL). Boba Fett stopped at my booth and talked books and took one of my cards. (Side note: I handed out a TON of my business cards!) I saw some old friends (some going back to high school) and made some new friends. I met one of my favorite authors – Timothy Zahn – who, when I asked to take a selfie – insisted on holding up a copy of my new novel VAMPOCALYPSE in the picture!

A great moment for me in particular was when I was talking with a gentleman who noticed my table card stated my next book was WORRY LESS LIVE MORE. He asked what that was about and I told him how it chronicled my personal journey of growth following my divorce over four years ago. He immediately launched in to how difficult his own divorce was and about some of the trials that particular experience puts on someone. We spoke together for a few minutes about how life tears apart and rebuilds and how we as people can only look forward and carry on. This was such an amazing moment. I had never talked about this subject with a stranger before. The fact that the premise of my book initiated conversation and a dialogue of perseverance and hope was so enlightening. I hope the book itself touches others like my experience with this stranger touched me.

The weekend came and went and was over in a flash. There were so many memories and takeaways that I could not possibly say which element I enjoyed the most (and that includes my sales milestones)! I hope my experiences this past weekend are only the launching point of many incredible things to come!

Where will I be next? Come see me! In addition to the confirmed dates below, I will be adding stops at Western Washington bookstores, breweries, and wine shops. Hope to see you all soon!

June 29-30: 2nd Star Festival; Springfield, OR

August 3: Orting Summerfest; Orting, WA

September 13-15: Rose City Comicon; Portland, OR

October 26-27: Jet City Comic Show; Tacoma, WA

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