To Write Or Not To Write

Like most – if not all – authors I have several works in progress going on at once. Right now there are 5 WIPs that are on my mind:

(AND WHAT I LEARNED ALONG THE WAY) – I’m a little over 33,000 words into this (about halfway through, based on my notes). I haven’t touched this since literally Jan 1st 2019, so almost a year. My losing steam on my writing has impacted this project the most. I’m hoping it can still be considered relevant, but I don’t know. The 3-year journey ended in late 2017… and we’re on the cusp of 2020.

STARPHOENIX SAGA BOOK ONE: REVISED AND EXPANDED EDITION – I really want to finish the sequel to Starphoenix, my first novel, but I feel a desire to rewrite the original. I’m a much better writer now, and there are many scenes that got edited out that I would love to reintroduce. I think revising the original would make for a better precursor to its sequel, called…

STARPHOENIX LEGACY: BOOK TWO OF THE STARPHOENIX SAGA – While I am 23,000 words into this, I haven’t touched this project since October of 2012. Ugh. I’m estimating I’m approximately 20 percent of the way through. But I’m sure what’s written could stand to be edited and revised with fresh, more mature eyes.

VAMPOCALYPSE BOOK TWO – I haven’t officially begun writing this yet. I have 30 pages of notes that amount to nearly 6000 words. I feel like this would be a relatively easy project, compared to others.

CODENAME: SCARLETT – Ahhh the mind of an author. As if I didn’t have enough going on, this project needs to take up my time and brainspace lately! To be fair, I’ve had notes on this waiting to be collated into a coherent manuscript for some time. Lately it really nagged at me and would not leave my mind until I made some headway on it! It’s been a lot of fun working on something more grounded in the here and now.

I get so very ADHD when it comes to these projects! They’re all fun, but at the same time I feel overwhelmed (brought on by myself, I know). It doesn’t help when I have long demotivating spells. I’m hoping my recently found-again love of writing carries me through 2020 and I actually get a couple or few of these projects done! (But in what order…who knows??)

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