Codename: Scarlett

Codename Scarlett - Copy - Copy 3

Working synopsis… in early development stages! But basically think “female James Bond fights against corrupt global organizations spearheaded by modern-day versions of mythical and supernatural creatures.

I’m loving what I’ve put together for this so far (there’s so much to be told!), but as it is anything you see below can (as of right now, anyway) change at any time! Check back often for updates!


CIA Agent Maris Caso is on assignment in the Central African Republic (CAR) on the trail of a terrorist looking to buy blood diamonds to fund the purchase of nuclear bomb making materials. When the transaction goes bad, Caso is in pursuit of the buyer when she learns he is a Gorgon, a race of people with the power to turn others to stone with just a look. Caso narrowly escapes with her life, thanks to the help of a group of “dark CIA” agents, who then take her into custody. Taken to a secret location, Caso learns that the agents who saved her work for a shadow organization known as the “dark government” – an entirely covert operation that is kept secret from even the POTUS. The dark government exists to eliminate global threats that are run by or have dealings with supernatural mythical beings. Caso is recruited by the dark CIA and she becomes part of Group-S, where she is given the codename “Scarlett”. Scarlett’s first assignment takes her to Monaco to track down the terrorist that escaped her in CAR. There she comes into contact with the terrorist group leader, a woman whose appearance is not what it seems. Clues and connections lead Scarlett back to CAR to deal with the blood diamond warlord working with the terrorists, and eventually to the U.S. where Scarlett comes into a secret that could drastically affect the future of the entire world.

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