Codename: Scarlett

Codename Scarlett - Copy - Copy 3

I’m well underway in crafting this incredible story! I expect the novel to be completed and submitted to my publisher in the coming months, with an early 2021 release! I may be releasing snippets for free in the meantime via my free monthly newsletter, so be sure to sign up for that now by clicking HERE!


CIA Officer Maris Correa is on assignment in the Democratic Republic of Congo to apprehend a high connection within a ring of blood diamond dealers. When the transaction goes bad, Maris is in pursuit of her target when she learns he is a Gorgon, an inhuman race with the power to turn others into stone with just a look. Maris narrowly escapes with her life, thanks to the help of a group from a secret government organization known as the National Paranormal Defense Intelligence Agency – an entirely covert operation kept secret even from the President of the United States. Maris is recruited into the organization and is given the codename “Scarlett”. Scarlett’s first assignment takes her to a remote Italian island where she is to infiltrate a global underground diamond dealing organization that isn’t exactly what it seems. Clues and connections lead Scarlett on an international adventure from Italy to Belgium and other exotic places around the world.

CODENAME: SCARLETT is a globetrotting adventure in the spirit of “James Bond” but with a mythological twist!

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