Codename: Scarlett

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It was just another routine mission for CIA Officer Maris Correa, this time on the hunt for blood diamond dealers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Everything goes awry, though, when her intended target turns out to be a Gorgon, one of a race of supernatural beings who look human but harness the power to turn people to stone with just a stare.

Plucked out of Africa by a secret government organization, Maris is recruited as an agent into an underground war that has been brewing between the Gorgons and humans for decades. Given the codename Scarlett, Maris says goodbye to the CIA and the life she lived to help lead the fight against mythical beings she never knew existed.

But with Gorgons and humans looking alike, Maris is unsure who she can trust. Danger lurks around every corner, and the fate of all humanity lies in the balance.

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