About E.S.Brown

E.S. Brown has lived nearly his entire life in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, which has provided the ideal climate for him to foster his love of writing. He is fueled by an overactive imagination and caffeine – a perfect storm that has translated into many late nights researching and working on any number of fantastical tales waiting to be told.

His interests include a love of living a healthy lifestyle, inspiring others, and simply enjoying life and all its wonders. VAMPOCALYPSE (due for release this fall) is his second novel, following the release of his debut, STARPHOENIX, in 2014. He is also a poet and has nearly finished writing his self-help book (a journey of healing following a heartbreaking divorce).

E.S. Brown lives in Puyallup, Washington, where he balances writing with his day job and his two amazing kiddos.


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