Until I fill the page with something more substantial, here’s one to tide you over (or whet your appetite)…


Slowly, silently
Life has crept up on me
Deftly, deliberately
I’ve tried to avoid it

Working hard living hard
Playing hard in my own backyard
That I’ve created
No fate, no goals, no reasons, no roads

Living for the now
Not knowing ’bout the ‘morrow
Always happy, sly, shy
No sorrow

Relationships under a moonlit sky
Like ships in the night passing by
Trying to steer the waves
With no real reason why
Come what may – may what come
And go as they please
Begging on their knees
Begs the question…why?

Get in, sit down, shut up, hang on
Job to job
Flowing with the mob
Who knows where it takes me
Like a leaf…in the breeze

Kids and a wife but no real life
A job, no job
And then a degree
Looks good on paper
But does it matter later
When it all comes crashing down?

Deciding too late
To seal my own fate
Always in a rush cannot wait
Trying to beat the clock
Trying not to be late (tick tock, tick tock)

For the bell that tolls and the trolls
That collect their ways
Running amok to the verse and the bridge
That connects the past to the present
To the future digs

Waiting…watching and waiting
Watching…waiting and watching
And wondering
And pondering
And smothering
To suffocate and anticipate
And the anxiousness flows
Through my body and out my toes
To the road on which I run

Running scared but with eyes straight ahead
Cleansing my mind and body and soul
Eyes up, eyes up – RISE UP, RISE UP
I am not throwing away THIS SHOT
At one chance, one life
Up and up and up
Higher to the skies

Worry less, live more
Stay focused
Don’t be afraid
Open every door

Laser beam eyes on the prize
15,000 in the books
You keep your delusions
I’ll keep my grandeur
‘Cause there’s nothing grander
Or more awesome or amazing or…sexy
Than one who knows their own destiny

No job defines me
No chance defies me
All eyes on me and you’ll see

The dust off my shoes
And the dirt on my feet
As you struggle to keep
Up with the destiny and the flow
Don’t you know
Where your heart goes
That’s where you go

Living in the moment
Live for today
Keep the stress at bay
No apple’s gonna do that trick
It’s all in your mind
It’s all in the thick
Of your hair
Don’t care what may scare you away
I’m here, I’m now

Quietly, stealthily
Fear slithers away
As I stand before you
Naked…but not afraid

(c) e.s.brown 9/18/2017

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