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“E.S. Brown’s debut novel, STARPHOENIX, is a rich tapestry of Star Wars-based sci-fi and adventure, but the astute reader will recognize the parallels to the events of September 11th and the conspiracies which led to two wars and today’s present-day Middle East. A must-read!”

Steve Alten, best-selling author of MEG (now a major motion picture) and DOMAIN


Please be aware that the shipping time listed on Amazon for the hardcover version of VAMPOCALYPSE is incorrect! You should typically have your hardcover book in 7-10 business days. Because of the production relationship between Ingram and Amazon for some reason Amazon shows the ship time as 1 to 2 months – again, this is not correct. Please do not let this erroneous information prevent you from ordering your copy! Or better yet: order your copy directly through me (see the STORE link at the top of this page) – and the copy will be signed, to boot! That’s not anything you can get through Amazon! (Again, this issue affects the shipping time for the hardcover version of Vampocalypse only.)


March 29, 2020

Announcing a new way to order my books! You can now order SIGNED COPIES of my books, along with other merchandise such as T-shirts, original artwork prints, and more through my Etsy Store! The great thing about this partnership is that I can now accept multiple methods of payment, including VISA and MasterCard, in addition to PayPal! Go to the STORE page of my website to learn more and place your orders!

March 27, 2020

The VAMPOCALYPSE virtual book tour has ended! Thank you to Silver Dagger Book Tours for their involvement and support of this tour! Information forthcoming shortly about the winner of the $10 Amazon Gift Card and VAMPOCALYPSE T-shirt!

March 25, 2020

My newsletter is finally live! Click HERE to go to the newsletter page and sign up to not only get the latest news and info directly to your email, but you’ll also get exclusives not offered on the website or via any other means! Sign up today!

March 17, 2020

Having the self-quarantine blues? How about a great read at a great price? From now through April 7, get FREE SHIPPING on personalized and signed copies of VAMPOCALYPSE and STARPHOENIX! That’s a 20-25% savings over the usual totals!

Go to the STORE page to order your copy today!

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