10/10/2020 ~ A struggling writer – struggling to make it big as an author, struggling in his run of the mill dead-end office job – has been living the lonely days since his divorce a few years earlier in his small studio apartment outside Seattle. The writing isn’t going as good as he’d like in many ways… None of his novels have sold more than a few hundred copies, and the writing process is slow for new works, having to work writing time around his work days and just life. And his love life since the divorce has left a lot to be desired. Much more of a helpless romantic than a hopeless one, he’s been on and off dating websites, and when he sees someone in person that catches his eye, he’s too shy or apprehensive to say anything. There are dates – though few and far between, but they never seem to go beyond two week flings. At one point, he meets someone online through a social media website and he thinks it may lead to something real, but after several months of texting and online chats, he opens his social media page one day to see her status suddenly shows “in a relationship”. In general, it seems whenever anything is going right, something – or something else – goes wrong: The rent gets raised when he’s already living paycheck to paycheck, his car breaks down, or life simply gets in the way. After a long dry spell of months of wanting to write but never finding or – when even he can – investing the time, he meets a woman who quickly becomes his muse. But is it real? Is this true love at last? Where does this go… where can it possibly go? And he can only hope it ends well, because as he knows…life gets in the way.


She stood in the rain, staring at me with a look of shock and disbelief. Water pooled in the umbrella that lay open and upside-down at her feet. Droplets erupted like miniature bombshells against her skin. But not even the relentless downpour could hide her tears. Not even the rumbling thunder could conceal her sobs. And the distant flashes of lightning only accentuated the discontent in her eyes…
~ (c) e.s.brown 2016

Her pain was unlike anything she had ever felt. The tears were raging rivers from an endless reservoir of sorrow. And every breath was a step further into the abyss of eternal sadness.
~ (c) e.s.brown 2020

I want to watch sunsets with you. And gaze together upon endless oceans. And stare into your eyes and get lost in your beauty.
~ (c) e.s.brown 2020

The clearest night pales to the clarity to which I see you.
~ (c) e.s.brown 2020

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